NaturesGreen, situated in Bangalore is a premier farm asset management entity with an impeccable track of experience in farm management, Eco-friendly homes, and farmhouse construction.

NaturesGreen is a homegrown farmland entity that combines a passion for agriculture and the promoters hail from a farming background with over 3 decades of hands-on experience in all facets of complete farmland management and maintenance. We adopt conventional methods of farming and imbibe modern farming methods, enchanted with professional pursuits to transform farmland management, for those interested in green-hearts.

Why invest in farmland?

Investments in farmlands create a wealth of long-term opportunities, as historically, farmlands are low-volatile in nature and give strong returns in the long term. In the investment portfolio, a land parcel is regarded as a hard asset that typically maintains and appreciates its value. Farmland is low-risk in nature and can support diversifying your holdings and balancing your riskier investments elsewhere. To the legal heirs, land can also be transferred as a vehicle of wealth, through a revocable living trust.

Why NaturesGreen?

Our emphasis is on providing a carefully curated farmland, in a picturesque serenity, within a reachable distance from Bangalore, at an affordable price, with all the facilities.  Living close to nature is a perfect therapy for the stress caused by modern life. Take a break from your busy life and enjoy your weekend in nature’s paradise. It’s a wise investment to make in a perfect holiday home for your family and for future generations.


Since Est. 1998

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